A delegation of OIC Human Rights Commission called on Prime Minister Imran Khan

By Shakeel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD : A delegation of the OIC Human Rights Commission called on Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Prime Minister expressed concern over the grave human rights violations by the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir.


The Prime Minister said that the human rights situation in the last two years has become alarming. The people of Occupied Kashmir are demanding the right to self-determination under UN resolutions.


Imran Khan said that the Indian government brazenly treated the Kashmiris, Kashmiris were extrajudicially killed and tortured. A large number of guerrilla leaders were also detained.


He said that indiscriminate use of pellet guns had blinded the Kashmiri youth and India had failed to suppress the Kashmiris’ movement by using every tactic of oppression.


The Prime Minister also discussed the latest situation in Palestine with Kashmir. He said that the issue of Kashmir and Palestine is the biggest injustice in history, OIC and the United Nations should play a role on this issue.


The Prime Minister spoke openly on the Indian regime and Hindutva ideology in the meeting, saying that Kashmiri Muslims are being targeted for demanding Indian occupation, freedom from oppression, Muslims in occupied Kashmir are being deprived of their right to self-determination and religious freedom. ۔ The majority of Muslims in occupied Kashmir are in danger of losing their separate identities. The current situation in Kashmir is tantamount to a violation of the Geneva Conventions and war crimes.


Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated the recent services of the OIC Human Rights Commission delegation and said that OIC should continue its role as a strong and effective voice.


Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke on the issues of growing Islamophobia in the meeting. He stressed the need for a concerted effort by the Muslim Ummah to tackle Islamophobia.

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