In Afghanistan, the Taliban seized another provincial capital

By Web Desk

KABAL : Fierce fighting continues in Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban have seized another provincial capital, Sheberghan, the provincial capital of Jawzjan province.


It is the second provincial capital to be captured by the Afghan Taliban in 24 hours, according to the French news agency AFP. What is special about Sheberghan is that it is the homeland of Afghan fighter Abdul Rashid Dostum.


Jawzjan Deputy Governor Qadir Milia told AFP that government officials and officials had been pushed to the airport. The city of Zaranj in Nimroz province fell to the Taliban without a fight, the first provincial capital to fall to them.


A police spokesman said Zaranj had been seized by militants because of a lack of support from the Western-backed government.


According to AFP, Zaranj faced resistance from the Taliban in Sheberghan, but a friend of Dostum confirmed the capture of the city.


It may be recalled that a meeting of the Security Council was held on Friday regarding the situation after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The United States and Britain have instructed their citizens to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.


According to the French news agency AFP, Britain has warned its citizens that the security situation is deteriorating due to the fighting in Afghanistan, so they should leave Afghanistan  immediately.

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