Yamuna Zaidi fell down the stairs and got injured : Watch video

Pakistani actress Yamuna Zaidi was badly injured after slipping down the stairs while shooting, the video of which is also viral on social media.

Yesterday, a video of actress Yamuna Zaidi during the shoot was revealed on social media, in which she can be seen coming down the stairs wearing a beautiful ensemble and high heels.

The viral video is from the shooting of her new drama, however, the actress was also seen slipping badly on the stairs due to her heel on the stairs.

After which the video showed the actress coming down the stairs again and completing the shoot.

The actress’ reaction to the viral video also came out in which the actress told her fans that the power of ‘sadaqa’,

According to the actress’ Instagram story, ‘The video that was shared recently, apparently it looks very dangerous, it was embarrassing but not painful.

The actress wrote that in this dangerous accident, I got a slight scratch, the rest was fine and thank God that I recorded the scene in the next moment.

In the story, Yemeni Zaidi explained that it was the power of charity that kept me safe in this accident.

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