Government should make the border management system more active to prevent smuggling: Atif Ikram

President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Atif Ikram Sheikh has said that the government should make the border management system more active to prevent smuggling. Movement of smuggled goods into the country is affecting tax revenue which can be increased only through prevention of smuggling.We support the government’s measures against non-filers in the upcoming fiscal year budget, Tax should be collected from those who are not in the tax net.

Federation President Atif Ikram said that the tax target should be kept closer to reality in the next financial year.The business community is ready to help the government in increasing the tax net. The improvement in the stock market has restored investor confidence and our foreign exchange reserves are also increasing, which is proof that the economy is moving in the right direction. We demand that for the strengthening of the country’s economy, more investor-friendly policies are needed so that no more burden is placed on the tax payers in the next budget and the suggestions of the representative bodies of the business community and stakeholders should be included in the budget.

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