Pakistan Consul General Aamer Ahmed Atozai Attends Breakfast Reception with New York Mayor Eric Adams

Aamer Ahmed Atozai, Consul General of Pakistan, New York participated in an exclusive Breakfast Reception hosted by New York City Mayor Eric Adams at his official residence. The prestigious event was organized by the Society of Foreign Consuls in New York, fostering international diplomacy and collaboration.

During the reception, Consul General Atozai engaged in fruitful discussions with Mayor Adams and fellow Consul Generals from various countries. The dialogues focused on strengthening bilateral cooperation, enhancing trade relations, and exploring new avenues for investment between Pakistan and New York City.

Mayor Adams emphasized the significant contributions of foreign nationals and diverse communities to the fabric of New York. He remarked, “Our office values the diverse experiences that people from around the world bring to New York, making both our city and our nation stronger. The International Relations Department of my office is committed to fostering personal relationships and accessible communication channels.”

The Mayor also praised the Pakistani community for their dedication and resilience, recognizing their substantial contributions to New York’s multicultural landscape. He highlighted the importance of such engagements in promoting mutual understanding and collaboration.

Consul General Atozai expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to discuss key issues with Mayor Adams, noting the event’s role in enhancing diplomatic ties. “Our discussions were productive, focusing on the potential for increased trade and investment between Pakistan and New York. We are committed to deepening our cooperation in various sectors to benefit both our communities,” said Atozai.

The breakfast reception provided a valuable platform for international representatives to network and share insights, reinforcing the importance of global partnerships in addressing common challenges and seizing opportunities for mutual growth.

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