India’s satellite mission failed once again

By Monitoring Desk

NEW DELHI : India’s satellite launching mission has once again failed.


According to details, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has confirmed that the launch of GSLV Mk 2 failed due to a ‘technical glitch’. The satellite was launched from the Satish Dhawan space station in Sri Hokota in the morning but could not be placed in orbit on time due to engine malfunction. Due to technical difficulties, the mission control center stopped receiving data and signals. After that, ISRO chairman K Seon admitted his failure and said that India’s mission was not successful.


It should be noted that this satellite was in full swing all over India, making loud and loud claims regarding its launch which came to light today. Indian scientists were calling it the celestial eye. This satellite was called Geo Imaging Satellite One. Through this, India had nefarious intentions to keep an eye on the borders of China and Pakistan, but it failed.

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