Leading the Way in Renewable Energy: Mondelez Pakistan 2.2 MW Partnership with Shams Power

Mondelez Pakistan has partnered with Shams Power to solarize its confectionary and powdered beverages plants and to take the installed capacity to around 2.2 MW of Solar on both sites. This initiative aims to enhance sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

Shams Power will install the equipment, manage the operation and maintenance of the solar systems throughout the agreement, and transfer the equipment to Mondelez Pakistan upon the term’s completion.

This project is expected to contribute approximately 3.3 million units of clean energy annually to Mondelez’s electricity mix, offsetting around 1,500 tons of carbon emissions each year. This reduction in emissions is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 1,000 households.

Sami Wahid, Managing Director, Mondelez Pakistan, stated that, “ESG and environment initiatives are at the top of our priorities. We take pride in the fact that happiness is at the core of all our products, and we wish to extend that spirit into all our operations. We stand strong with a happier healthier planet and will ensure all steps necessary towards building a progressive community inside and around Mondelez.”

Omar Malik, CEO, Shams Power, spoke on the value addition of alternate energy to any business operations. He was especially elated to have partnered with Mondelez, and commented, “We at Shams Power are excited to extend our partnership with Mondelez Pakistan and are thankful to their leadership and management team for their vision, and commitment towards green energy, contributing in a positive way to mitigating climate change We look forward to expanding this relationship and exploring additional sustainability initiatives together.”

Mondelez, through this collaboration with Shams Power, is set to further reduce its carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and promote sustainability. By using renewable energy sources, the company aims to support environmental conservation and align with global efforts to combat climate change. This initiative also reflects Mondelez’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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