Open Doors Day at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites you to Open Doors Day, which will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024. Visitors will be allowed to peek inside the premises of the Czernin Palace. For the first time this year, there will be stalls in the garden of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where you can learn about the key agendas of Czech diplomacy.

Visitors will be able to tour the representative parts of the historic Czernin Palace building, including the apartment of Jan Masaryk. The AERO 50, a car used by Edvard Beneš during his exile in London, will also be on display in the Czernin Palace premises.

In the garden of the Czernin Palace, there will be stalls where visitors will have the opportunity to talk directly with MFA representatives and discuss important issues with them. Additionally, the program will feature performances by MFA representatives, interactive elements, screenings, exhibitions, live music, and competitions (not just for children).

Minister Jan Lipavský and other distinguished guests will also attend the event.

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