Taylor Swift treats Swifties with surprising mashup song

Swifties in Edinburg, Scotland are in for a surprise when Taylor Swift performed a mashup of All of the Girls You Loved Before with 2009 Hannah Montana’s Crazier.

“You get extra points if you know this next song at all because it is really, really old,” the Grammy winner said during her second show in the country.

“Oh my God, you’re so unbelievable,” she hyped up the audience while she played the piano acoustically.

The Carolina hitmaker’s visit to Scotland was such an event that the country’s First Minister John Swinney shared a video message saying, “I really hope she has the chance to go and see Loch Tay — or should I say, Loch Tay Tay — because it is the most beautiful part of Scotland.”

“She’ll get a really warm welcome here, and I know all of the Swifites will be so exhilarated by her presence in Scotland.”

Taylor was previously been to Scotland in 2015 for the 1989 World Tour in Glasgow. “I happen to love Scottish people, personally,” she said at the time.

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