Confirmation of 800 passengers on American plane departing from Kabul

By Special Representative

KABAL : After the Afghan Taliban took control of Kabul, a US Air Force C-17 plane left today. You will be surprised to know the number of passengers on board.


The foreign news agency reported that the C-17 flight from Kabul had 800 passengers on board.


It is believed that the US Air Force was evacuating embassy personnel and civilians on Sunday night during the chaos at Kabul Airport.



A few videos about the plane are also circulating on social media.


In one video, gunfire can be heard near the plane.


Reports circulating confirmed that the US military had opened fire at the airport to disperse the crowd, killing five people.


Videos of the plane taking off are also going viral on social media.



In one of the videos, the crowd is seen trying to board the tires of an American plane on the runway.


Later, a video of three people falling from the same plane came to light and they are said to have been killed.


A US Air Force C-17 was able to take off despite the chaos.

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