The National Security Committee outlined the country’s policy towards Afghanistan

By Shakeel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD : The National Security Committee outlined its policy on Afghanistan, stating that Pakistan wants peace in its neighboring country and is committed to a comprehensive political solution to the Afghan problem.


A meeting of the National Security Committee was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan.



According to the statement, the meeting was attended by federal ministers and chiefs of armed forces. The meeting reviewed the situation in Afghanistan and its impact on Pakistan.


According to the statement, a briefing was given to the National Security Committee in which it was said that the international community should acknowledge the sacrifices made by Pakistan over the last four decades.



The NSC said there had never been a military solution to the Afghan problem, adding that Pakistan had been affected by the Afghan situation for decades.


The briefing said that Pakistan has been affected by the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan for decades.


The participants said that the best solution to the Afghan problem could have been found in the presence of the United States and NATO.



The NSC called on all parties in Afghanistan to respect the rule of law and protect the basic human rights of Afghans.


A statement from the meeting said that Afghan territory should not be used by any terrorist group against any country.


The participants vowed that Pakistan would continue to work and cooperate with the international community.



The NSC said that the Biden administration’s endorsement of the previous administration’s decision to withdraw was undoubtedly a logical solution to the dispute, and that Pakistan was committed to a comprehensive political settlement with the representation of all Afghan groups.


At the meeting, the NSC said that Pakistan would adhere strictly to the principle of non-interference in Afghanistan.


Participants said that Pakistan wants peace and stability in its neighborhood.


According to the statement, the meeting reviewed the overall security situation in the area.




According to the statement, Pakistan will work with the international community and Afghan stakeholders to facilitate a political settlement.


The Prime Minister directed that steps be taken for Pakistanis, diplomats and journalists stranded in Kabul, and also for the return of representatives of international organizations stranded in Kabul.


According to the statement, the Prime Minister praised the Pakistani embassy in Kabul and the state machinery.

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