PPP-era Employees Rehabilitation Act 2010 declared null and void

By Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD : The Supreme Court annulled the PPP-era Employees Rehabilitation Act 2010 and ordered immediate cessation of benefits provided to all employees through the Act.



The Supreme Court delivered a safe verdict in the case of recruitment and promotion of federal employees and released details regarding the employees reinstated through the Act during the PPP era.


The PPP government rehabilitated hundreds of sacked employees in 2010 under an act.


According to the court decision, the Act enacted in 2010 was intended to benefit a particular class, the employees benefiting from the Employees Rehabilitation Act 2010 will return to their previous position, the rights of regular employees were abolished by the Employees Rehabilitation Act 2010.




The court ordered the withdrawal of the simultaneous payments made after the reinstatement. The court ruled that the benefits received by the promoted employees as opposed to the posts should not be withdrawn.


The Supreme Court had reserved judgment in the case in December 2019.

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