G7 agrees to adopt joint strategy for withdrawal from Afghanistan

The G7 agreed to adopt a joint strategy for the withdrawal from Afghanistan.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that a consensus road map has been drawn up for the Taliban. The UK has so far evacuated 9,000 people from Kabul on 57 flights. They will go to great lengths to evacuate their citizens and helpers.


The lights of Kabul began to return. Citizens called on the Taliban to complete government formation as soon as possible. Foreigners and facilitators are being evacuated from Afghanistan. Citizens say that with the advent of the Taliban, all forms of theft, looting, bribery and other evils have been eradicated. Now the Taliban leaders should complete the formation of the government as soon as possible. Also start banking and financial transactions.


Despite the announcement of a general amnesty by the Taliban, the trend of citizens leaving the country is increasing. Afghans trying to do so are seen selling their household goods.


Foreigners and their facilitators are also being evacuated from Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden told the G7 summit that 70,700 people had been evacuated since August 14. Completing the evacuation by August 31.


The G7 countries have called on the Taliban to provide safe passage for Afghans leaving the country after August 31. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that thousands of people will be evacuated.


The World Bank spokesman expressed deep concern over the situation in Afghanistan and the country’s development prospects, especially the impact on women, and announced the suspension of aid to Afghanistan. The World Bank currently has more than 2 dozen development projects underway in Afghanistan.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will not deploy troops to Afghanistan. He has no intention of interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. He said that lessons have been learned from the defeat of USSR.


Meanwhile, China demanded accountability of foreign forces stationed in Afghanistan before the Taliban took control. The Chinese ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council said foreign forces, including the United States, Britain and Australia, should be held accountable for human rights abuses.

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