Rameez Raja will be the new chairman of the PCB, the Prime Minister approved

Former national cricket team captain and well-known commentator Rameez Raja will be the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Prime Minister Imran Khan approved, Asad Ali Khan was also made a member of the PCB governing board.


Mani Nahi Raja will rule in PCB, Ehsan Mani’s leave, Rameez Raja will be the new chairman of PCB. Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the nomination of Asad Ali Khan and Rameez Raja to the PCB Governing Board.


The members of the governing board will elect Rameez Raja by ballot.


In an interview with a foreign website, Rameez Raja confirmed that he has accepted the post of Chairman PCB. Rameez Raja said that he was informed about the appointment by the Prime Minister’s House. I have many plans to improve cricket.


Rameez Raja and Ehsan Mani had recently met Prime Minister Imran Khan. Ehsan Mani, 76, apologized for the inconvenience. Rameez Raja had presented his plan to the Prime Minister with reference to the PCB.


Former national team captain Rameez Raja was also the chief executive of the PCB in 2003-04. Rameez Raja, a graduate of Aitchison College Lahore, has also studied business administration. He was part of the team that won the 1992 World Cup under Imran Khan. At present, he has the status of a well-known cricket commentator.

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