Did Pakistan forbid the Afghan army to fight? : Moeed Yousuf

Moeed Yousaf, the national security adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan, has questioned whether Pakistan had barred the Afghan army from fighting the Taliban. Did Pakistan tell Ashraf Ghani to flee?


In an interview to the Washington Post, Moeed Yousaf said that Pakistan had brought the Taliban to the negotiating table at the request of the United States, then when the results came out, Pakistan was also being blamed.


“The Taliban now have the whole country. Western countries have the opportunity to recognize the Taliban and persuade them,” he said.


Moeed Yousaf said that the United States should also increase its diplomatic and economic ties with Afghanistan.


He stressed that it would not be appropriate to isolate Afghanistan to punish the new Afghan rulers.


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s National Security Adviser added that the United States and Pakistan need to move forward as partners.


Moeed Yousuf also said that what would be the benefit of pushing aside a big and powerful country like Pakistan?

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