Pakistan rejects Indian defense minister’s baseless allegations

Pakistan has rejected the Indian Defense Minister’s baseless allegations of terrorism.


A Foreign Office spokesman said in a statement that Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh completely rejects allegations of terrorism against Pakistan. Shared irrefutable evidence against sabotage.


The Foreign Office spokesman said that India uses terrorism as a weapon of state policy, adding that India has been involved in terrorist attacks against Chinese and Pakistani workers in Johar Town, Lahore and Dasu this year.


Pakistan said that the BJP government of India and the RSS have a clear anti-Muslim and anti-minority agenda, the Indian government targets Pakistan for false propaganda campaigns for both ideological reasons and political gain.


The spokesperson said that India’s so-called ‘surgical strikes’ in Balakot in February 2019 and misconceptions had proved to be nothing but lies and deception. Restored


The spokesman further said that Pakistan wants to maintain peace in the region despite India’s irresponsible behavior, despite our desire for peace, Pakistan will defend itself against any aggressive Indian plan.

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