Pakistan is going to be the hub of world politics, Sheikh Rashid

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan is going to become the axis of world politics.


“Pakistan should be removed from the red list by the UK, we should be treated with respect,” he told a news conference with the media on Monday. We are sitting on the Churchill post of the region, we should be honored, we will not be bypassed and swallowed by anyone.


He said the US president already knew about the attack on Kabul, the Taliban had assured him to the extent of the TTP, the Taliban had defeated ISIS. I am sure that the land of Afghanistan will not be used against us.


The Interior Minister said that Pakistan has the biggest responsibility. There are TV programs against Pakistan in India. Pakistan is a responsible country. We will fulfill our national responsibility, for the sake of peace we have given 80,000 lives, one lakh people have become disabled.


Sheikh Rashid said that 2192 people have been given transit visas, no one has been given refugee status yet, not a single Afghan refugee has come to Pakistan yet. The whole country was not evacuated, the university hostels should not have been evacuated.


He said that Pakistan’s army is the greatest army in the world, the opposition is playing lorry base lorry base, Fazlur Rehman is showing great irresponsibility. Opposition cases will be completed in two years. Does any leader run away from his country? Jail is the house of father-in-law, handcuffs are kajra. The opposition has no awareness of how to handle matters. If our progress next year is good, then the next election is also ours.


Sheikh Rashid said that 911 helpline is going to be started for the whole country, FIA has also recovered Rs 20 billion.

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