Taliban condemns US airstrikes on Kabul

A Taliban spokesman condemned the US airstrikes on Kabul, saying “if there was a threat to the US, we would have been notified.”


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah told Chinese media that he condemned the US airstrikes on Kabul.



Talking to Chinese media, Zabihullah said that civilians were killed in the Kabul attack, adding that it was illegal to carry out arbitrary attacks in other countries.


“If there was a threat to the United States, let us know,” he said.



It may be recalled that a rocket was fired at the airport from a vehicle in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan and 6 rockets were fired.


Investigators told private TV that six rockets were fired from the vehicle, five of which went to the airport, and one rocket destroyed the vehicle.


The United States has confirmed a rocket attack on Kabul airport and a US official said the rockets had been intercepted by a missile defense system.

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