Taliban now facing test: Zalmai Khalilzad

The US special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmai Khalilzad, says the Taliban are now facing the test of taking Afghanistan to a secure and prosperous future.


In a statement, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad said the US war in Afghanistan was over.



He said that the brave American soldiers had served with a spirit of distinction and sacrifice, and now that the American withdrawal had taken place, it was time for Afghans to make a decision.


Zalmai Khalilzad says the future of Afghanistan is in the hands of Afghans, the Afghan people will choose their path with full autonomy.



The US special envoy to Afghanistan added that the Taliban now faces a test to lead the country to a secure and prosperous future.


Zalmai Khalilzad also said that we have good wishes for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan and its prosperous future.

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