Ahmed Masood, head of the resistance group, made important revelations about the Taliban and Ashraf Ghani

After the Taliban conquered several areas of Panjshir, the head of the Panjshir Resistance Group, Ahmed Masood, made an important statement in which he said that he was in favor of negotiating with the Taliban but the Taliban did not want to negotiate.


According to Afghan media reports, Ahmed Masood, head of the Panjshir Resistance Coalition, said that if faced with aggression, they would be forced to resist to defend their land, people and values. Masood said the Taliban would be recognized only in the form of a comprehensive government comprising all ethnic groups.


He said that unfortunately Taliban have not changed, they still want supremacy in the country, resistance front is resisting supremacy, intolerance, pressure on majority through political force. Ahmed Masood said that Taliban on multicultural state Cannot be allowed to rule the country, the Taliban will resist if they do, help will be needed to continue the resistance for a long time.


He said the Taliban had gained control of the country due to the weakness of the government, former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had disbanded the army that knew how to fight the Taliban, and Ghani and Hamdullah Mohib’s army had interfered in the decision-making process. Weakened, these people made final decisions about the war despite their lack of military training and experience.

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