The first batch of female cadets joined the Saudi forces

Saudi Arabia has recruited the first batch of women in the country’s armed forces. Trained female cadets have completed 14 weeks of training.


Details Saudi Arabia’s first contingent of female cadets has joined the army. The contingent of women cadets had completed 14 weeks of training with the Saudi contingent.


A passing out ceremony was held on completion of training of female cadets.


At the passing out ceremony, Maj. Gen. Adeel al-Balawi, Chief of the Saudi Armed Forces, said that the training center of the Saudi forces has an important mission under which we are making our forces better and more capable. Our focus is on equipping Saudi forces with highly trained and modern technology like the rest of the world.



He said that the women’s contingent in the Saudi forces would be helpful in training and education and many other matters.


At the passing out ceremony, awards were given to the students who performed well during the training.


It should be noted that the ban on the recruitment of women in the Saudi forces was lifted in February this year

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