It is possible to work with the Taliban against ISIS: General Mark Milli

Top US military leaders have said they may work with the Taliban against ISIS.


These views were expressed by US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Millie during a briefing with Secretary of Defense General Austin.


“Whether the Taliban have changed or not remains to be seen, and it is possible to work with the Taliban against ISIS,” he said.


On the occasion, US Secretary of Defense General Lloyd Austin said that the war in Afghanistan is over and now the diplomatic mission is being worked on.


General Austin said there was limited contact with the Taliban and that a strategy for a future Taliban government would be worked out over time. There is room for improvement in any military operation while the US military completes the mission in the face of threats.


Meanwhile, Sher Abbas Stakzai, head of the Taliban’s negotiating delegation in Qatar, said that a government would be announced in the next three days in which women would also be represented.


He further added that the recent riots at Kabul airport were due to mismanagement by the Americans and that رقم 30 million would be needed to rehabilitate the airport.


It is believed that the United States had completed the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on the night of August 30 before the August 31 deadline and had defused aircraft, helicopters and other equipment at Kabul Airport on the way out so that the Taliban could not use them.


It has now been reported that a team of experts has arrived at Kabul Airport from Qatar to assist in the full resumption of air operations at Kabul Airport.

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