Iraq gives US withdrawal deadline

The leader of the Fatah Alliance in Iraq has given the United States a deadline to withdraw from Iraq.


According to Shafaq News report, Hadi Al-Amiri, the leader of Al-Fatah Alliance in Iraq, said that all foreign forces, including the United States, should withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2012.


He said there would be no display of weapons on Iraqi streets after the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Hadi al-Amiri said a peaceful transfer of power in Iraq was possible only through the ballot box.


It should be noted that parliamentary elections are going to be held in Iraq on the 10th of next month.


US President Joe Biden, who has already announced that he will end the combat role of his troops in Iraq, made the announcement during talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazmi on July 27.


The president said relations between the two countries were entering a new era, with Biden adding that US troops would be in Iraq to “train, assist and tackle ISIS if it were to rise.”


It should be noted that there are currently more than two and a half thousand US troops stationed in Iraq.

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