The European Union (EU) has announced a major decision on the new Taliban government

The European Union (EU) has finally announced an important decision on the new Taliban government. Joseph Borrell says the Taliban are not going to recognize the new government, and the Taliban will have to go through strict EU conditions before doing so.


After a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Slovenia, Joseph Borrell, the foreign affairs chief, said any contact with the Afghan Taliban would be subject to strict conditions.


Initially, he said, only Afghan citizens would be supported. Borrell added that the European Union would approach the Taliban in Kabul for a common influence on the evacuation of foreigners.



It is clear that the Taliban has not yet announced a new government after the US withdrawal. World leaders say that there are still positive signals from the Taliban, but we want the Taliban to fulfill the agreements made with the US. Come down and make sure that the land of Afghanistan will never be used against any country again.

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