Fighting continues between the Taliban and the resistance army for control of Panj Sher

Fighting continues between the Taliban and the resistance forces for control of the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan. The Taliban have seized several areas in Panjshir Province and are now fighting in the valley’s capital, Bazarak.


According to Taliban sources, the Taliban’s advance is slow because landmines have been laid on the way to the capital and the Taliban are defusing the mines.


According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, fighting is going on at the last resistance posts. The Taliban are using modern weapons found in the booty, including armored vehicles and powerful artillery.


According to the British newspaper, there have been reports that the Taliban have entered the capital Bazarak. The resistance forces have claimed to have killed 600 Taliban, but the Taliban say they are close to victory. Some analysts say the Taliban will announce the formation of a new government in Afghanistan after taking control of Panjshir.

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