India will sooner or later have to give Kashmiris the right to self-determination: PM Imran Khan

In his special message on the occasion of Defense Day, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India would sooner or later have to give Kashmiris their legitimate right to self-determination in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.


In his message, PM Imran Khan said that our soldiers, officers, pilots and sailors have fought valiantly, they never cared for their lives and defended the borders by making sacrifices.


He said that today India has been exposed to the international community for its efforts to undermine peace in the region, especially with regard to Pakistan.


The Prime Minister said that due to the active diplomacy of our government, the international community is now convinced that the oppression of minorities all over India and the oppression of the oppressed Kashmiris in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir must end now. Should go


He reiterated in his message on Defense Day and Martyrs’ Day that the brave Pakistani nation would never compromise on its sovereignty, security and geographical integrity.


President Dr. Arif Alvi also delivered his special message on Defense Day and said that Pakistan is fully aware of what is happening in its neighborhood. We are ready to thwart any attempt to maintain peace and undermine it.



He appreciated the tireless efforts of the security agencies to expose the secret operations of the enemy. Dr Arif Alvi emphasized that Pakistan would never back down from its principled stand on the issue of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

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