Defense Day is being celebrated with enthusiasm across the country today

Greetings of the entire nation and New News to the stylish soldiers of the homeland, pledge to meet the nefarious intentions of the enemy, the entire nation along with the Armed Forces of Pakistan, Defense Day is being celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country today.


The purpose of Defense and Martyrs’ Day is to pay homage to the martyrs and conquerors and to express the determination to defend the motherland in all dangers. On this very day in 1965, Indian troops crossed the international border in the dark of night to attack Pakistan, but the nation thwarted the nefarious intentions of the enemy.


The zealous and brave nation and the Pak army thwarted this attack by fighting their cowardly enemy and India had to face embarrassment at the international level. Not only that, then Pakistan retaliated. The Pakistani Armed Forces hoisted the green crescent flag over its Fazilka sector and Kishangarh Fort. Indian soldiers were taken prisoner during the war and by the time of the ceasefire at 3 am on September 23, 1965, an area of ​​1617 square miles in India had come under the control of the Pakistani army.


The theme of this year’s Defense and Martyrs’ Day is “Greetings to our martyrs, our pride, invaders and all the dear relatives of the martyrs.” On the occasion of this day, after the Fajr prayers in the mosques, prayers will be offered for the development and prosperity of the country and for the liberation of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir from the tyrannical rule of India.




Fatiha and Qur’an recitation will also be held for the martyrs. The day will begin with the salute of 31 cannons in the federal capital and 21 cannons in the provincial capitals.


Special programs based on national anthems and interviews with the families of martyrs and conquerors will be aired to pay tribute to those who defended the motherland.




The Pakistan Air Force has released a new song in connection with Defense Day and Martyrs’ Day. According to the Pakistan Air Force Public Relations Department, the song was sung by famous Pakistani singer Ali Zafar.

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