Heavy rains in Mexico, hospital flooded, killing 17 patients

Heavy rains have disrupted life in Mexico. A hospital floodwaters have killed 17 patients. In view of the situation, an emergency has been declared across the country.


According to foreign media reports, heavy rains caused the river to overflow and a torrential downpour broke into Mexico City. He got rid of everything that came his way.


The flash floods swept away many homes and dozens of vehicles, uprooted trees and caused a power outage.


The quake also affected a hospital in the state of Hidalgo, where Corona patients as well as others were being treated. Many patients drowned when the hospital was flooded.




Authorities say rescue workers have evacuated at least 40 patients from the hospital. At the direction of the government, troops have been deployed in the affected areas and are engaged in relief operations in collaboration with the administration.



Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lpez O’Brien has expressed deep sorrow and condolences to the families of those killed in the floods.


He directed the administration and the army to evacuate the stranded citizens to safer places and make arrangements for their accommodation, clothing, medicine and food.

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