All Parties Conference vows to work with coordinated approach to expose Indian atrocities at an international level


Tehreek e Kashmir UK held all parties conference after  indiscriminate heavy  shelling by the Indian army on the cease fire line which killed six civilians, more than 31 people got severe injured, millions of ruppees worth livestock & houses got destroyed. Representatives of all UK political parties & Human Rights groups participated in the All Parties Conference. The Conference was chaired by Fahim Kayani President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK & followed by guest speakers

Shadow Minister Afzal Khan MP, Muhammad Ghalib President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Europe, Mayor Wajid Khan  Convenor Labour Friends of Kashmir , Cllr Mehboob Bhatti Conservative Friends of Kashmir & Former Mayor High wycombe  ,

Shaffaq Mahmood  Lib Dem Friends of Kashmir & Former MEP , Cllr Altaf Khan Former Mayor Oxford, Cllr Ch Qaiser Former Mayor Chesham,

Cllr Javeria Hussain, Cllr Sardar Asif Khan Former Mayor Watford, Cllr Dr Zaffar Iqbal, Cllr Mushtaq Mughal, Muhammad Riaz Pres. TeK Germany, Nasir Muslim President TeK Spain, Mian Tayyab VP TeK Europe, Farooq Baig Sec Gen TeK Germany, Khalid Mehmood Unite For Kashmir.

Shah Hussain Kazmi Pres. TeK Norway, Rehani Ali Info. Sec TeK UK, Claire Bidwel Let Kashmir Decide, Mufti Abdul Majeed Nadeem VP TeK UK, Farid Uddin Lodhi Pres. TeK UK Midlands Zone,  Munir Hussain Hashmi, Hanif Chowhan, Shafiq Kamboh, Inam ul Haq Nomi PTI, Bashir Ratvi  MC, Ch Zahid Iqbal Pres. TeK UK south zone, Aqdis Mughal Jamaat e islami AJK UK, Sardar Aftab Ahmed Khan VP TeK UK, Rani Arif PTI, Muhammad Shafiq TeK Spain, Ishtiaq Ahmed President TeK Leeds, Nazir Waza IO J&K, Muzamil Ayub Thakur Chairman WKFM, Zubeda Begum Chairperson DoK,  Zafar Qureshi Chairman KCG, Ch Jabran Ashgar Journalist, Waqas Akram  & Munir Hussain Qureshi condemned  Indian atrocities on the cease fire line &  damanded permanent cease fire on the line of control. 

Shadow Minister Afzal Khan MP said all political parties & British Pakistanis & Kashmiris must ask MPs to write to the Foreign Secretary in regards to grave human situation in IOJ&K with the recent atrocities on the line of control. Afzal Khan MP stated UK government must revisit it’s policy of bilateralism because it has failed to provide long lasting solution which is enshrined in the United Nations resolutions on Kashmir. 

Fahim Kayani President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK stated that I’m saddened to hear British citizen Cllr Mushtaq Mughal’s House was destroyed by shelling of Indian army. The UK Foreign office should take urgent & firm action against India due to destruction of British citizens houses. Furthermore, Fahim Kayani stated the purpose of The All Parties conference was to adapt a coordinated approach to expose Indian atrocities in IOJ&K along the cease fire line. We must demand British & European Parliaments to impose economical sanctions because India says they are fastest growing economy so can continue human rights violations without any fear. Indian army have no respect for humanity as they recently targeted schools too where children cried loud out of fear. How can the world keep quiet as all children are equal. He argued the world to save the new generation from Indian atrocitries. 

Mayor Wajid Khan former MEP & Convenor Labour Friends of Kashmir stated it is time to unite all UK & Pakistani political parties & all Kashmiri organisations on one agenda right to self determination to end human rights violations in IOJ&K. While addressing Wajid Khan stated Tehreek e Kashmir are doing a tremendous work in highlighting the Kashmir issue in Europe.

Cllr Mehboob Bhatti Former Mayor from Conservative Friends of Kashmir stated Conservative always has made it priority to raise the Kashmir issue so twice a motion on Kashmir was presented by Conservative MPs & those motions were debated in the house of commons to gather more  support from MPs. He stated this matter will be presented to Steve Baker MP with urgency, where Cllr Mushtaq Mughal will be asked to present his testimony.

Shaffaq Mahmood Former MEP from Lib Dems Friends of Kashmir stated we must engage non Kashmiris human rights groups to support not to turn a blind eye on the suffering of the Kashmiris of IOJ&Ks.

Muhammad Ghalib President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Europe stated we’re facing challenges in the European Parliament in relations lobbying on Kashmir since Brexit took place. We have a strong need to engage European countries by educating them on Kashmir in European languages.

Cllr Mushtaq Mughal stated I’m a British citizen so it is UK government’s responsibility to protect the life & property of it’s citizens, my house was 5 kilometres away from the cease-fire Line & India bombarded on my village & all houses including my house are reduced to ashes  village. India is  committing war crimes on both side of the cease-fire Line.

Rehana Ali Info. Sec TeK UK stated Tehreek e Kashmir UK has formed different committees which will  contact British Parliamentarians, International media & Human rights organisations. Rehana Ali further stated the Kashmir dispute is the responsibility of the international community specially upon the UK it’s a long-standing moral obligation from 73years to be solved as many lives have been lost.

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