53 PIA bank accounts frozen due to tax default

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has frozen 53 bank accounts of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) across the country for tax default of Rs 26 billion, along with the arrest warrant of the Managing Director (MD). The issuance process has begun.

According to details, a senior FBR official said that the operation was carried out by FBR’s subsidiary Large Tax Peer Unit Karachi which froze 53 PIA bank accounts across the country while FBR A senior BR official said on condition of anonymity that Rs 495 million had been withdrawn from PIA bank accounts for recovery of tax dues.

The top official said that it has been decided to arrest MDPIA for recovery of outstanding tax dues of Rs 26 billion and action has been initiated in this regard and soon under Federal Excise Duty Act 2005. Their arrest warrants will be issued for which legal requirements are being met.

According to sources, PIA had not been submitting the statement of federal excise duty since December 2020, but due to being a national body, it was being given concession for more than a year. However, now FBR has taken action to collect the tax.

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