SNGPL Peshawar Region is supplying gas to its esteemed consumers


SNGPL Peshawar Region is supplying gas to its esteemed consumers at appropriate pressure and delivers its services round the clock for satisfaction of the consumers. However in some areas, low pressures are being observed due to the following reasons.
1. Gap between Demand and Supply being a seasonal impact.
2. Some of the network becomes undersize with the passage of time.
The company has started work to redress these issues through laying of 25 Km different diameter pipeline within a range from 12”dia to 4”dia with a cost of 250 Million PKR as 16 number of Augmentation projects in areas of Peshawar City, Defence Colony, Ring Road, Pajaggi Road, Safiabad, Charsadda Road, Charkhakhel etc.
Similarly Company has launched replacement of old leaking network of 150 Km in two years with a financial impact of 415 Million PKR. Hopefully after completion of all these projects, the areas having low pressure like Lahori Gate, Hashtnagri, Dhakki Nalbandi Qissa Khwani, Yakatoot, Kochi Bazaar, Pepal Mandi, Whole locality of Ganj, Majeed Town Dora road, Khyber Bazar, Shuba Bazar and Gulbahar will be completely and permanently rectified.
Meanwhile, we request the esteemed consumer to follow the energy conservation principles in winter season enabling us to provide gas appropriately for all consumers with convenience & un interruption.
Further, Provincial Government is also requested to support SNGPL in removing all illegal connections existing in Suburbs of Peshawar like Achar, Bahader Kalay, Urmar, BazidKhel, Badaber, KagaWala, MashoKhel, Phandu and adjacent areas, so that the gas supply at appropriate pressure could be ensured to our valuable consumers.

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