Seminar on Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict & Military and Political Resolution

( p,r) Measac Research Institute (MRC) arranged a widely attended seminar on Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, military and political resolution at the Islamabad Club today in collaboration with the Embassy of Azerbaijan. Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Hamid Gul Director General Measac Research Centre (MRC) introduced the subject.

Seminar was attended by Ambassadors and diplomats of Islamic countries, retired Generals and Brigadiers. Brigadier (R) Abdul Rahman Bilal, analyzed all salient facets. Senator Talha Mahmud covered the humanitarian aspect of the conflict. The country of Azerbaijan liberated its occupied territories from Armenia. Chief guest , Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ali Alizada praised the organizers and speakers. He talked about the latest provocations, aggression and war crimes of Armenia against Azerbaijan, and the successful peace enforcement operation and victory of Azerbaijan on this conflict.
He thanked Pakistan for the political and moral support extended for the just cause of Azerbaijan. Diplomats and opinion makers applauded this intellectual activity within bounds of COVID -19 environment. Mr. Arsalan Ayaz was the mediator of proceeding thanked the participants from different walks of life for their active participation and value inputs in the discussion. On this occasion defense experts including , General ( R) Amjad Shoaib, Gen ( R) Asad Duranj , Maj Gen Shamriaz, Brig (r) Asif Haroon Raja, media analyst Dr. Shaid Masood , Dr. Zafar Jaspal, were also present.

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