Are Muslims still terrorists?

Since the advent of Islam, Muslims have been known as terrorists, but why is no one here to demolish the propaganda of the non-believers? As Muslims, it is our responsibility to vindicate the fallacy of the non-believers. Non-believers define terrorism as a crime when a non-Muslim does something bad, but when a Muslim does something bad, it is terrorism. Why? What is the indecency of the Muslims, and why are they doing propaganda that Muslims are terrorists? Islam is the religion of peace and humanity, and it teaches us not to harm anyone, to live with peace, and do what we have brought for. From the outset, Muslims have combated so many battles, but the reason behind it is to protect themselves. Islam teaches us not to compel anyone to become a Muslim, so how can a Muslim become a terrorist? It is unambiguous that if someone is doing terrorism in the name of Islam, then he is not a Muslim because we are not permitted to do terrorism.

On the other side, non-Muslims are doing terrorism by doing so many evil deeds. If we are terrorists, then who started World War 1? It was not Muslims but was started due to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was the successor of the Austro-Hungarian empire and killed by Europeans. Who started World War 2? It was not Muslims but was started by the Nazi Germans due to the fascist regimes and territorial expansions led by Adolf Hitler in Germany, Benito Mussolini in Italy, and Hirohito in Japan. Who killed twenty million Aborigines in Australia? It was not Muslims but killed by the European settlers in a violent conflict and the disease brought by them. Aborigines are the local people of Australia who are rich in sophistication and lived for tens of thousands of years in Australia. So, then what is this? Is this not terrorism? This is called terrorism at its peak, so why are they blaming Muslims? After that, who killed hundreds of millions of Indians in North America and fifty million Indians in South America? It was not Muslims but killed by these Europeans through violent discord, disease, and many other radical stunts. On behalf of this terrorism, they are blaming Muslims. Why don’t they remind themselves of their past and what they have done to humanity? Who killed six million Jews in the holocaust? It was Hitler, not Muslims. Who took one hundred and eighty million African people as slaves, and eighty percent of them died and were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean? Who is doing terrorism in Palestine? It is not Muslims but the local forces and the government of Israel with the help of the United States and other supportive and anti-Muslim alliances.

On behalf of the above-spoken terrorism, it is clear that Europeans are doing propaganda to demolish the harmony among Muslims.

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