Consequences of plastic pollution are intense and long term : Sherry Rehman

Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman, in her message on the occasion of World Environment Day said that the consequences of plastic pollution are intense and long term, as it irreversibly damages our environment and threatens the very fabric of life on earth.

She urged a call for action as plastic production is set to triple by 2060 if no serious measures are taken to stop it.

The Minister shared the 7R’s Action Agenda which marks the country’s commitment to combat plastic pollution and initiate its journey towards reducing plastic waste. These 7 R’s are reduce, redesign, reuse, recycle, responsibility, research, and resource.

Sherry Rehman highlighted Pakistan’s commitment to promoting a sustainable circular economy for plastics by reducing waste, consumption, and encouraging reuse, recycling, and material recovery.

The Minister stressed the need for an incentive-driven approach to encourage consumers to change their plastic consumption habits.

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