Decades of darkness for Pakistan (2001 TO 2018)


Pakistan had been started it worst time as we can say the darkness time by involving their military and political powers into war with Afghanistan for USA. It was the time of 9/11 the world trade center attack that killed thousands of people in New York city. American who is the super power was beaten by afghan Taliban “Claimed by Americans who believe that the Afghan Taliban is responsible for this incident”. Mullah Umer who was the leader of Afghan Taliban government at that time. USA accused Usama bin Ladin for that attack who considered to be the master mind of that attack. Then USA announced the war against Afghanistan. 7 October 2001 USA invaded Afghanistan. The Govt of the Taliban was collapsed and new democratic govt was set under the leadership of USA.Millions of Afghans were refugees in Pakistan and hundreds of thousands are still there. The country depends on Pakistani exports to survive but there is a lot of animosity.
The Pakistan support to the USA after the attack of 9/11.The Pakistan becomes one of the important allies of USA and gained a billions of dollars aid received from the USA. Pakistan assist USA by providing it land and major control of tribal areas. As USA offered an Billions of dollars aid to Pakistan and helping them on their economy made Pakistan left no choice but to enter in a war for USA.

Decades of darkness for Pakistan (2001 TO 2018)

(In the Soviet Union time Pakistan played a key role with Afghan jihadist and with the help of US money against the Soviet Union and won the war which broke down the Soviet Unions. Maybe Pakistan was expecting the same thing by fighting with Al Qaeda and Taliban but was forgetting that we already have 3 million afghans in the shape of afghan refugees fled from Afghanistan after the war broke out.
“And with the growing insecurity in the tribal areas along the border it’s becoming increasingly important to Pakistan’s future as well”.
After the fall of Kabul in November 2001, the United Nations invites major Afghan factions, most prominently the Northern Alliance and a group led by the former king (but not the Taliban), to a conference in Bonn, Germany. On December 5, 2001, the factions sign the Bonn Agreement, endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 1383. The agreement, reportedly reached with substantial Iranian diplomatic help because of Iran’s support for the Northern Alliance faction, installs Hamid Karzai as interim administration head, and creates an international peacekeeping force to maintain security in Kabul. The Bonn Agreement is followed by UN Security Council Resolution 1386 on December 20, which establishes the International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF.

Decades of darkness for Pakistan

Hamid Karzai in Kabul, Afghanistan, 2001.
An assembly of 502 Afghan delegates agrees on a constitution for Afghanistan, creating a strong presidential system to unite the country’s various ethnic groups. The act is seen as a positive step toward democracy. “Afghans have seized the opportunity provided by the United States” declares U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad.
After the invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al Qaida commanders fled to Pakistan and based their camps onto the northern areas of Pakistan KPK province. Pakistan who was getting criticism from International and Afghan govt that
“Pakistan the heaven for Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Meanwhile, anti-Pakistan rhetoric grows in Afghanistan, where officials have long blamed terrorist safe havens in Pakistan for violence in Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai reiterates that international forces should focus their military efforts across the border in Pakistan. “For years we have said that the fight against terrorism is not in Afghan villages and houses,” he says
Now come to the point of the fall or the worst time for Pakistan begins after the attack of Lal Mosque July 2007 from Pakistani commanders under the leadership of Parvaiz Musharraf.Since January 2006, Lal Masjid and the adjacent Jamia Hafsa madrasah had been operated by Islamic militants led by two brothers, Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid. This organization advocated the imposition of Sharia (Islamic religious law) in Pakistan and called the non-Islamic government.
The time of Benazir murdered was the turning point for the future of Pakistan. That gained her husbandthe sympathy in the public figures and won the election of 2008.As president, Zardari remained a strong American ally in the war in Afghanistan, despite prevalent public disapproval of the United States following the Raymond Davis incident and the Nato attack in Salala in 2011. Domestically, Zardari achieved the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment in 2010, which constitutionally reduced his presidential powers. His attempt to prevent the reinstatement of Supreme Court judges failed in the face of massive protests led by his political rival Nawaz Sharif. The restored Supreme Court dismissed the PPP’s elected Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani for contempt in 2012 after Gillani refused to write to the Government of Switzerland to reopen corruption cases against Zardari. Zardari’s tenure was also criticized for mishandling nationwide floods in 2010, and growing terrorist violence. Following multiple bombings of Hazaras in Quetta in early 2013, Zardari dismissed his provincial government in Balochistan.
During the Government of PPP they had many ministers in their cabinet who was involved in massive corruption charges etc.

Decades of darkness for Pakistan (2001 TO 2018)

The PPP Govt had taken the largest loan from IMF

Table 1. The Largest IMF Programs

Country, program year In million2009 US$Percent ofQuotaPercent ofGDP
Pakistan 2008 11,524 700 6.72
Sources: Gold (1970), International Monetary Fund, Monitoring of Fund Arrangements (MONA) Database, Joyce
(2005), Killick (1995), Mody and Saravia (2006).
Now if you talk about the Pakistan economy and compare it after 5 years when the PPP Govt left the governance in Pakistan 2013we can see the horrible static that led Pakistan into Terrorist Pakistan.The PPP leader were corrupted and were facing the corruption charges were now ruling the country.After when Musharaf left the cabinet Pakistan was going to face its toughest time as terrorism was widely spreading, the department were going into the depth of lose, Unemployment was already on its peak. India was planning to destabilized Pakistan by involving its terror into Balochistan through Afghanistan.
We had now the president who was facing corruption charges with some of Non degree holders’ ministers who were also involved in corruption were ready to run the Pakistan economy.After Musharraf’s resignation in 2008 due to mounting legal and public pressures, the PPP government once again resumed control of Pakistan. The administrations of Asif Ali Zardari and Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani oversaw a dramatic rise in violence, corruption, and unsustainable economic policies that forced Pakistan to re-enter an “era of stagflation.” The Pakistan economy slowed down to around 4.09 percent, as opposed to the 8.96 to 9.0 percent rate under Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz in 2004–08, while the yearly growth rate fell from a long-term average of 5.0 percent to around 2.0 percent.[37] In its calculations, the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics pointed out that the “nation’s currency in circulation as a percentage of total deposits is 31 percent, which is very high compared to India,”[39] and its tight monetary policy has been unable to tame inflation, and only slowed down economic growth because the private sector is no longer playing a key role.[38] Analyzing the stagflation problem, the PIDE observed that a major cause of the continuous era of stagflation in Pakistan was a lack of coordination between fiscal and monetary authorities.
Firstly we see how many things that Pakistan went into crisis between 2008 to 2013.
2008 US Dollar 66.80
2013 US Dollar 108.58

2018 US Dollar 123.87
Fiscal Year GDP at constant prices Real GDP growth rate
(Billion Rupees)

FY 2008 8,549.148 Increase 4.99%
FY 2009 8,579.987 Increase 0.36
FY 2010 8,801.394 Increase 2.58%
FY 2011 9,120.336 Increase 3.62%
FY 2012 9,470.255 Increase 3.84%
FY 2013 9,819.055 Increase 3.68%

Industrial sector:
Data is from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.[71]
List FY 2004 FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 19
(R) FY 2020 (P)
6 Industrial sector growth rate 17.37% 6.51% 3.63% 7.73% 8.47% -5.21% 3.42% 4.51% 2.55% 0.75% 4.53% 5.18% 5.69% 4.55% 4.61% -2.27% -2.64%
6A Mining and Quarrying sector growth rate 21.78% -15.83% 3.60% 7.35% 3.15% -2.46% 2.75% -4.42% 5.16% 3.88% 1.40% 4.97% 6.19% -0.60% 7.80% -3.19% -8.82%
6B Manufacturing sector growth rate 16.38% 16.03% 9.39% 9.03% 6.10% -4.18% 1.37% 2.50% 2.08% 4.85% 5.65% 3.88% 3.69% 5.83% 5.43% -0.66% -5.56%
6B(i) Large Scale Manufacturing growth rate 18.83% 18.12% 9.92% 9.58% 6.10% -6.04% 0.41% 1.66% 1.13% 4.46% 5.46% 3.28% 2.98% 5.64% 5.12% -2.56% -7.78%
6B(ii) Small Scale Manufacturing growth rate 7.51% 7.51% 8.70% 8.25% 8.34% 8.57% 8.47% 8.51% 8.35% 8.28% 8.29% 8.21% 8.19% 8.15% 8.17% 8.24% 1.52%
6B(iii) Slaughtering sector growth rate 3.94% 4.00% 4.05% 3.16% 3.26% 3.82% 3.16% 3.67% 3.53% 3.63% 3.38% 3.34% 3.61% 3.55% 3.50% 3.54% 4.1

The whole Pakistan economy with important sectors information will be available since 2001 on that link.

Criminal gangs :
Two organizations, Peoples Amn Committee (PAC) and Kutchi Rabita Committee (KRC)
came to the limelight during the last year when target killing incidents in Lyari, Shershah and
Kharadar areas brought the civic life to standstill. PAC is supposedly enjoying support of the
PPP and KRC has a backing of MQM and the killings in these areas are considered as a result
of the turf war between PPP and MQM.
Express Tribune – 12 December 2010x People killed in Karachi as of November 2010 Number Non-political persons 283 Killed due to enmity 258 Political activists 218 Ethnic killings 187 Kidnapped and killed 134 Killed by robbers 103 Killed in Lyari gang war 73 Policemen killed 66 Children 61 Women killed by unknown 60 Women killed by relatives 52 Killed in police encounter 46 Sectarian killings 23 Killed due to marriage by choice 18 Women burnt to death 14 Drug addicts found dead 13 Men killed in karo-kari 11 Men killed by police 8 Men burnt to death 8 Security guards killed 8 “Total 1644”

We have seen so many incidents that took place during that time which not only cause a major loose of our beloved citizens also create lots of problems to stable the economy. Pakistan being a nuclear power and a strong military and intelligence agencies was still suffering from its terror attack, economy crisis, Human lose, Domestic violence which was happened mostly in KPK and SINDH regions.
Some people actually took the advantage to create the religious terrorism by promoting different sects and get them to fight with their other brother just for the sake of the own will. When other countries have been watching that Pakistan is facing with one of its worst time so they got the opportunity to create more violence either via Afghanistan, or from other areas.

Decades of darkness for Pakistan (2001 TO 2018)

The last five years of Pakistan’s outgoing government of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) have seen the revival of Pakistan’s economy and completion of many long-delayed infrastructure and energy projects. Mr. Nawaz Sharif deserves full credit for it. At the same time, the PML government is responsible for slow progress on human development indicators, major decline in exports, growing twin deficits of budget and external accounts, mounting public debt and lack of transparency in financial matters. It is the lack of transparency that has been brought in sharp focus with the removal of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by the nation’s Supreme Court in the aftermath of Panama Papers. The leak of these papers revealed his family’s ownership of undeclared and unexplained substantial assets abroad.
The link below will help to understand the analysis of the economics :

When the Government of Nawaz sharif assumed the office their have done many good things for Pakistan economy but its benefit was not for long. The project that was completed during their governance was not well managed but in my personal opinion it was only to get the vote foe the next election. We should admire them because during their time the poor family seems to be morehappy then the Asif Ali Zardari time.

But unfortunately, during the period from 2013 to 2018 the terrorism was on its peak and there were many challenges to face both the government of Pakistan and the Pakistan army along with intelligence agencies.

Terrorism Toll in Pakistan. Source: SATP.org
Pakistani people and their military and political parties have decide to fight together after the Peshawar attack of army public school.Terrorist attack that school early in the morning in the month of December on 2014. They killed almost more than 150 childrens along with the honourable teachers.

In 2006, 657 terrorist attacks, including 41 of a sectarian nature
In 2007, 1,515 terrorist attacks and clashes, including all the suicide attacks, target killings and assassinations, resulted in 3,448 casualties and 5,353 injuries, according to the PIPS security report. These casualties figure 128 percent and 491.7 percent higher as compared with 2006 and 2005, respectively
In 2008, the country saw 2,148 terrorist attacks, which caused 2,267 fatalities and 4,558 injuries.[5] Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in its annual report indicated that there were at least 67 suicide attacks across Pakistan
In 2009, the worst of any year, 2,586 terrorist, insurgent and sectarian-related incidents were reported, killing 3,021 people and injured 7,334, according to the “Pakistan Security Report 2009” published by PIPS
Terrorist attacks staged in Pakistan have killed over 70,000 people, around 10,000 of which are law enforcement personnel, and caused material damage to the Pakistani economy totalling US$67 billion by the IMF and the World Bank.
Pakistan been through this war on terror by just involving its military and political powers into the Americans war which was had nothing to deal with. The more worst thing is whom we considered us our ally or our friend USA don’t trust us and demand for “DO MORE” Also the main thing that we should understand now is not involve into the war for some other country.

We are now very thankful to our army and our police as well as ranger department who worked day and night to bring peace back in Pakistan. It was all happened because when we get unite and demand for something then it had to happened. May God bless our people and become us able to play a part to make our country more strong

Former Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif with Current Pakistan army chief General Qamar Javaid Bajwa:
Pakistan now have to build its economyand change their nature of thinking by doing what is in the favour of Pakistan .We also need to promote the tourism back to our country. We now will have to decide whether we want the same Pakistan that we had in the past or change our minds and promote education, research, and IT so we make a stable and a power Pakistan which was given to us by our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


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