Destruction of social values

The great general of Islamic history, Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi said “Where bread becomes more expensive than the wages of the labourer, two things become cheaper A woman’s honor and a man’s honor! On the phone call, I was lost in thought. When the call was cut, Malik Azizur Rehman of Mitha Tiwana was complaining about the destruction of social values. What era are we living in? In that era, when there was an opinion about man that he was unfamiliar with civilization, according to the history of the evolution of human civilization, according to my eyes, he was devoid of the recognition of relationships, he was a barbarian. With a naked body, he gives the same name to the relationship of sister, mother, daughter and it is said that he was incapable of consciousness, but my mind does not believe, there is no such incident even in the history before Islam. The land of district Muzaffargarh suffered – Accepted then man was incapable of consciousness, empty of understanding, butThe journey of thousands of years of civilization and evolution made him aware, yet why is he wearing the dress of a sacred relationship like a daughter? The image was captured by the camera held by the media. Amina sprinkled oil on herself, lit a match and set herself on fire. open Let’s not deny the fact that before the evolution of civilization, man did not have consciousness, he did not understand. But his body is not shriveled like beasts When I ask this question to my friends with barren thoughts, one of my friends says that man has covered his body but his mind has become bare. This time when I went to my native village “Choa” then the cityIn silence, Uncle Noor took my hand and took me to a grave – Tears welled up in his eyes I asked! Uncle! Is this someone dear to you? Uncle Noor shook his neck in the negative, I asked Uncle! Then it will surely be your friend Even now, Uncle Noor’s answer was in the negative. I grabbed uncle’s shoulder and shouted. Who is this? A human being! Yes, son, a human being who had humanity, the recognition of relationships was always the norm. This young man from our area was a soldier in the army. In the morning, a non-Muslim sweeper used to come to his unit to sweep. A soldier used to harass him with bad intentions. One day his eyes filled with tears! The man sleeping inside said, “You will not disturb him after today.” The savage said, “Why?” She seems to be your sister. Yes, she is my sister from today. Then the next day when that barbarian teased that sweeper girl, the sleeping man emptied the entire magazine of his rifle on the filthy body of that barbarian.The barbarian reached his end and this. Yes, my son, he called someone’s sister as his sister and swung on the throne Even if I want to get out of the fence of truth, I cannot get out, but one thing is true and no lie can be covered on this truth that long ago when RPO Dera Ghazi Khan Abdul Qadir Qayyum, DPO Muzaffargarh Usman Akram Gondal, DSP Chaudhry Asghar, SHO Police Station Mir Hazar Idris and investigator Zulfiqar Rana were ordered by the former Chief Minister. Those who nurtured a goon like Nadir Bhand and became his bodyguards on the above mentioned policemen who killed justice by putting pressure on them and forcibly dismissed the case are the biggest criminals, there is no punishment on any page of any law book for them and The so-called NGOs, the so-called human rights organizations and our sold-out media blame only those people, theyThere was a lot of protest against those who were used, but not a single word of protest against the criminals who did this. A friend said a long time ago that the doomsday has passed on the moon, we are not even alive, it is still lighting up the nights, we have put darkness in the mornings, it has not changed its direction and we have forgotten our way. Kar is smelling the small buds in the courtyards of the sisters and we are disrespecting the daughters-in-law and daughters even as fathers. The superior of all creatures, whom the angels prostrated, but the devil became disbelieved and humiliated. When will it happen? When man will not drink human blood When the tears of helplessness will emerge as pearls When the cool breath goes to sky, it will bring the answer to the drains When love will not be trampled under the feet of the ungrateful When values ​​are not sold for hunger Friends! What era are we living in?

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