Dr Saif terms SIFC as effective forum for economic stability

Caretaker Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Dr Saif Umar says the Special Investment Facilitation Council is an effective forum for ensuring economic stability in the country.

In a video statement, Dr Saif Umar said, “SIFC is instrumental in paving the way for digital transformation and attracting foreign direct investment in Pakistan.”

He expressed the confidence that upcoming government will also make timely decisions for the country’s development and public interests.

The minister said that since 2014, the case of hundreds of MHz of spectrum with Sun TV was pending.

He said now this spectrum will be in government custody, which is worth multi-million dollars as per the current market rate of the spectrum.

The minister said that from the establishment of the Advisory Committee for spectrum auction to the necessary steps to lay the network of optical fiber cables across the country.

He said SIFC Forum has a key role to play in the preparation of the country’s first space policy and its approval from the relevant forums.

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