ECP ensures smooth operations for upcoming general elections

The Election Commission of Pakistan has said that all its operational and IT systems are working satisfactorily and it is not facing any difficulty in conducting the upcoming general election.

The ECP further said that it has developed an automated and modern Election Management System that will be used to transform and compile election results from Presiding to Returning officers. It added that the system has been tasted several times for the mentioned purpose. Besides, some additional functions and features have been included to the EMS to facilitate the Returning Officers so that the data can be used in future even during the initial phases of the polling process.

It is further explained that the main purpose of the EMS system is to transmit and tabulate election results and this system will only be used on the polling day. Rejecting all kind of apprehensions, the commission made it clear that the transmission and tabulation of poll results involve no risk. It added that there would be no need of Internet during tabulation of election results. However, it said that provision of fiber optic facility is being ensured to the Returning Officers, along with Wi-Fi device as an alternate arrangement.

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