Election 2024: Scrutiny of nomination papers begins on Monday

The deadline for filing of nomination papers for the National Assembly and four Provincial Assemblies concluded today [Sunday].

As per the schedule, scrutiny of the nomination papers will be carried out from tomorrow to the 30th of this month.

Appeals against the acceptance or rejection of nomination papers can be submitted until the 3rd of January and decisions on these appeals will be made by the 10th of January.

The list of candidates will be displayed on the 11th of January, and candidates would have the option to withdraw until the 12th of January.

The electoral symbols will be allotted on the 13th of January, and polling for the general elections will be held  the 8th of February.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission of Pakistan has given more time to foreign observers who want to monitor the general elections.

Now, they can submit their applications from December 31 to January 20.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the process of filing nomination papers for next general elections concluded today [Saturday].

According to spokesman of Provincial Election Commissioner Sohail Ahmad, four-hundred and seventy-two nomination papers have been filed for the reserved seats for women and minorities for national and provincial assembly.

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