Dr. Sidra Zubair

Are you aware of that black enemy who dares to cross all the barriers in its way towards human
brain and incites a person to falsify truth? This black enemy proudly pronounces itself as falsehood.
What is falsehood? Falsehood is keeping book of truth in one’s heart but reading that book with selfchosen false lenses. Falsehood is painting reality with the brushes of deception. Falsehood is a battle
between reality and its tortuous form. In simpler words, falsehood is presenting reality in an unreal,
falsified and adulterated shape.
Why this black tornado be given importance? Let us allow Science to take stage and present its
factual speech over the dangerous claws of falsehood. According to the World Health Organization, the
highest global health institution, when person lies, part of human brain called Amygdala inculcates
sense of guilt and sinking, which in return induces apprehension, stress, and worrying. This mechanism
actuates your mental health on wrong track. Harvard University’ Neuroscientist Alie Decree says that
negative chemicals release in human brain after experiencing falsehood. Research work of Halidon also
aligns with Alie Decree.
The most Important institution of human life is religion. There is no religion whose corridors are
not occupied with the talk on the implications of falsehood. Golden words of Quran say that “Beware of
telling lies, for lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to Hellfire”. Sacred words of the Bible
associate lying with God’s abhorrence, “The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in people who are
trustworthy.” Akin to these religious books, the book of Sikhism, Grant Saheb and the book of
Buddhism, Tripitaka, share negative outcomes and punishment as reward for speaking falsehood.
“Those who had paid deaf ears towards the warnings of Science and
Religion regarding falsehood paved way towards two mega disasters of
human history.”
Those who had paid deaf ears towards the warnings of Science and Religion regarding falsehood
paved way towards two mega disasters of human history, World War-1 and World War-2. This hidden
snake under the grass, lying, is responsible for welcoming unforgettable impressions of these two great
wars on human race. World War-1 put its ominous footing on this planet when Serbian nationalist, after
deceiving guards had entered the crowd that meant for welcoming Austria Hungarian prince and thus
assassinated him. Getting inspiration from Serbian nationalist, Hitler, who was dictator of Germany and
primary cause of commencement of World War-2, sharped his nails to exercise the tool of falsehood. It
was his falsehood in the form of deceptive statement before the US and European states “German
borders will not be expanded beyond its territory” resulted in World War-2.
While Earth barely got its breath, lying came out of its sleeping bed and introduced war of
ideologies to human life. This tug of war between ideologies, communism and capitalism, erupted like
bomb when scratched by the matchstick of falsehood. It was the long-8000-words telegram of George
Kannon to the US State Department which revealed the deception of Soviet Union and geared up the
Capitalist sword against Communists word.
Not only this black enemy brought mega disasters, but is also challenging individual’s personal
life. Everyone wants to keep one’s name in the good books of other people. People are desirous of
buying Perfect-personality costume from market. A tiny blot on this costume ruins its entire beauty.
Falsehood has the power to splash dirty blots on one’s personality costume. This leads to social isolation
relation deprivation and self-inflicted stress mechanism.
Those who keep friendship with falsehood, would enjoy its blessings in the grave and would also
suffer on the day of judgment. Our final residence, grave, has its own peculiar ways of treating its
guests. No doubt! a special content in its menu list for falsehood must be available. Even on the day of
judgment, the judge of all the judges, Allah, will convict such persons with punishment stated as:
“Falsehood leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to Hellfire.” Sahih Bukhari: 6094
After having a walk through this journey, do you still want to keep this dangerous tool in your
pockets? Do you still want to keep two conflicting personalities in one body? Do you still want to
decorate the library of your mind with the books of falsehood? A dream for peaceful world demands
struggle through pacific tools. If you are seeker of healthy and happy life in this world and world after it,
take my recipe: Prefer bitter pill of truth over deceptive pill of falsehood that has sweet outer coating
but is hoarding devilish and unhealthy contents in its core.

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