In today’s society, the responsibility of police is more than ever, Sheikh Rashid

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that the responsibility of police in today’s society is more than ever. Unfortunately, the police have not been given the position they are entitled to.

Addressing the passing out parade of ASPs at the National Police Academy, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that the police was fulfilling its responsibilities with great diligence and courage.

He said that when the police conduct elite class, they get entangled with it, it is discussed, today the challenges of the police are more and more difficult.

The Home Minister said that the police was serving the country in the morning and evening, the police did not get the place, facility and salary to which they are entitled, the history of 7000 martyrs of the police is a witness.

Sheikh Rashid said that today criminals are also organized.

He said that India does not miss any opportunity of sabotage in our country, people’s expectations are higher than police

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