“It is better to cry in a Rolls Royce than to be happy on a bicycle,” : Aima Baig

Aima Baig recently gave her followers access to a Q&A on her Instagram stories. She urged her fans to ‘ask away’ with any questions they might have.

Many followers rushed to her narrative and sent inquiries. Aima was asked to list her three favourite Hollywood stars when she was first approached, and she gave the names of Steve Carell, Cameron Diaz, and Anne Hathaway as her answers.

The Item Number singer was asked what her most recent movie was, and she mentioned Oppenheimer, adding that she would see it again.

One fan asked whether the Na Cher Malangaan Nu singer was engaged or not, and several others wanted to know if Aima is single or planning a wedding. Aima just responded “Nope” to the query. One fan asked the Baazi singer if she had a crush on somebody as other admirers inquired about her relationship status and future intentions for marriage. Aima acknowledged that she had.

Aima also made fun of her followers, asking one, “Find me one first. When they asked the well-known crooner, “Can you find a partner for me?” there had to be a trade.

When a fan asked Aima what she felt about society pressuring women to get married and how there’s this belief that once a lady is 27, she won’t accept proposals from guys who are much older, Aima said, “There should be no pressure whatsoever.”

A handful of her followers also wanted to know whether and when she will make her acting debut. The 28-year-old singer joked and teased a fan who asked, “When are we seeing you act?” by saying, “What do you mean? The entire time, I was acting, LOL. The Yaarian singer answered more seriously when another fan asked the same question with the two-word phrase “Drama debut?” by saying “Hmm…maybe,” indicating that she is not opposed to the concept of acting in a movie or drama serial and may explore it in the future.

During this Q&A session, one of the more thought-provoking questions directed at Aima was, “Can money buy happiness? ” The young performer responded by citing the proverb, “It is better to cry in a Rolls Royce than to be happy on a bicycle,” and adding, “Even though I prefer the bicycle.”

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