Mahira Khan’s new photo became the focus of people’s attention

Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan’s new photo has sparked a new debate among fans on social media.


These days, the news of actress Mahira Khan’s second marriage is doing the rounds the social media.

In such a situation, Mahira Khan’s every step cannot be overlooked by fans.

On the photo and video sharing app Instagram, Mahira Khan shared a charming picture of herself which became the focus of people’s attention. She can be seen wearing a ring in new photo.


In the said post, actress Mahira Khan can be seen enjoying the dim rays of the sun, with her tousled blonde hair adding four more moons to the actress’s look.

What was noticeable in the picture was the beautiful ring seen on the fourth finger of Mahira Khan’s reverse hand, which immediately attracted the attention of the viewers.

It was too late for the post to come out, so the people who were waiting asked questions.

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