Malicious propaganda about army’s deployment during elections exposed

The fabricated and malicious propaganda related to the army deployment on election duty has been exposed.

According to the details, some miscreant political elements are misguiding their supporters for political gains and after inciting the security troops, deployed for elections duty, recording videos of riots and anti-army propaganda on social media.

Similarly, from the Elections Day till today, various anonymous propaganda accounts have been creating chaos and agitation in the country. By spreading lies, propaganda and disinformation, these anti-national elements aim to create chaos and instability in Pakistan.

Absconder YouTubers, sitting outside the country, are leading this anti-Pakistan and disinformation campaign. Such malicious elements who are engaged in this propaganda on social media are being identified and the relevant institutions have started work to take strict disciplinary action against them as per the law.

It is pertinent to mention that according to the notification of the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Ministry of Interior, troops of the Army and Civil Armed Forces are required to provide security outside the offices of ROs until the election process is completed.

The purpose of this deployment is to ensure the security of the Election Commission and the polling stations during the sensitive election process.

Troops of Army and Civil Armed Forces are stationed outside the offices of Returning Officers for security and have nothing to do with the election process. They are only deployed for external security of the offices of ROs.

In order to mislead the people, these evil political leaders and their supporters are busy inciting the troops stationed outside the offices of ROs and recording videos of riots and later spreading anti-army propaganda on social media.

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