Pak-Oman naval exercise ‘Thamar Al Tayyib 2023’ conducted in Gulf of Oman

The bilateral exercise of Pakistan Navy and Royal Navy of Oman Thamar Al Tayyib 2023 was conducted in Gulf of Oman.

This was 11th edition of the series of Thamar Al Tayyib exercises being conducted between Pakistan Navy and Royal Navy of Oman since 2002.

PN Flotilla comprising of Pakistan Navy Ship ASLAT with embarked helicopter, Fast Attack Craft PNS QUWWAT and PN Maritime Patrol Aircraft along with Special Operations Forces participated in the exercise.

The bilateral exercise was conducted in two phases.

Harbour phase included operational and tactical level table top discussions and exercise planning conferences.

During the Sea Phase of the exercise, both the navies conducted range of advanced operational exercises encompassing major facets of maritime operations related to Anti-Air, Anti-Surface Warfare and Counter Terrorism exercises.

The exercise also involved Coordinated Patrol by ships of both Navies with an aim to curb illicit activities at sea.

Ex TAT- 23 provided an avenue to enhance mutual learning, improve inter-operability and opportunity for both navies to further hone their professional skills.

Pakistan and Oman share a common maritime area and both the navies closely cooperate with each other to maintain good order at sea.

Regular conduct of bilateral Exercise Thamar Al Tayyib 2023 is a clear manifestation of strong fraternal and brotherly relations between Pakistan and Oman in general and Pakistan Navy and Royal Navy of Oman in particular.

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