Pakistan, India exchange list of nuclear installations

Pakistan and India exchanged, through diplomatic channels, the lists of nuclear installations and facilities today.

According to Foreign Office, the Agreement on Prohibition of Attacks against Nuclear Installations and Facilities between Pakistan and India, inter alia, provides that both countries shall inform each other of their nuclear installations and facilities, falling within its definition, on 1st January of each calendar year.

Signed on 31 December 1988, the Agreement entered into force on 27 January 1991.

Pursuant to Article-II of the Agreement, the list of nuclear installations and facilities in Pakistan was officially handed over to a representative of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Simultaneously, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs also handed over the list of India’s nuclear installations and facilities to a representative of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

The two countries have been exchanging the lists since 1st January 1992.

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