PM reiterates resolve to steer Pakistan out of prevailing crises

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has reiterated resolve of the coalition government to steer the country out of the multiple crises it is facing.

Chairing a meeting of the coalition parties in Islamabad on Tuesday, he commended the coalition partners for their sincere cooperation in tackling the daunting challenges during the last one year in the government.

The Prime Minister said there was an impression that the coalition won’t last long but together we have made it and we need to further strengthen it for the long-term benefit of Pakistan.

He said we did have difference of opinion at times but through mutual consultation we kept on moving together and this is the beauty of democracy that decisions are not imposed but reached to with consultation.

Speaking about the ongoing constitutional issues, he said it is unprecedented that a law which is yet in the process of formulation is invalidated by a court.

He said today bar councils across Pakistan have rallied together against this travesty of justice. He said their struggle is for the supremacy of law.

The Prime Minister hoped that the IMF agreement will soon be finalized and all-out efforts are in place towards this end.

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