Public demand to give PP17 ticket to Raja Sikandar Mehmood of PTI

Rawalpindi PTI Traders Wing District President Raja Sikandar Mehmood organized a corner meeting in his office yesterday in which the people of pp17 participated in full.

The people expressed that if the PTI ticket is given to Raja Sikandar Mehmood, it will be a matter of pride for us, because Raja Sikandar is a sympathizer and friend of the people, he is there day and night for the people of the region. He does not hesitate to sacrifice life and property in every difficulty

The elders of the area who participated in the meeting said that we have a unanimous decision and the majority opinion of the public is also that Raja Sikandar should be our next candidate, there can be no better candidate than him.

When the journalists asked Raja Sikandar that the people want to see you as the next candidate, what do you say about this, he said that if Allah has honored me and my leader Imran Khan has trusted me, then I will fulfill his trust. I will come down, serve the people of my constituency day and night and try my best to solve the problems of the people at their doorstep.

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