Pucar-15 helpline received 3183 calls during the last 24 hours

Islamabad capital police emergency helpline “Pucar-15” received 3183 phone calls during the last 24 hours and provided immediate assistance on various help seeking calls including police, fire brigade, ambulance and other services, a police public relations officer said.

He said that, 3183 calls were received at emergency helpline “Pucar-15” out of which 2471 calls were hoax, irrelevant to police which make 77% of all calls.

The Inspector General of Police Islamabad (IGP) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan took notice of hoax calls on the police emergency helpline and directed the CPO Safe City to take actions against those involved in such activities.

“If anyone tries to waste the time of the police by making fake calls or passing derogatory remarks to the personnel will be dealt with iron hands,” he maintained.

CPO Safe City urged the masses to approach police only in emergency situations as some genuine cases needing police attention may be neglected because of the time consumed by hoax calls.

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