Punjab Elections : Asif Zardari gave Syed Asif Ali Hashmi an important responsibility

Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party Syed Asif Ali Hashmi has met the co-chairman of the party, former President Asif Ali Zardari in Lahore.

The upcoming elections were discussed in the meeting, on this occasion President Asif Ali Zardari gave Syed Asif Ali Hashmi an important task regarding the elections in Punjab and said that the party needs senior leaders like you at this time. The former President entrusted Syed Asif Ali Hashmi with the important responsibility and directed that it is your responsibility to improve the position of the party in the upcoming elections in Punjab.

On this occasion, Syed Asif Ali Hashmi said that I will try my best to live up to the trust that has been placed on me and if Allah wills, the party will win the elections in Punjab.

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